Krolikowski Art
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About: Syncretic art by Alexander Krolikowski and Alexandra Krolikowska, of the field of experimental photography and lomography.

Member of Ukrainian Photographic Alternative (UPHA)
Regular resident of I:O - Koktebel Art Residence

Participants of:

LomoWall at Museum of London 2012

International Photofilm Festival in Sevastopol 2012

Exhibition of Lomography at Gogolja XXI, Sevastopol 2012

Vyshyvanka LomoWall at Zaporizhia Science Library 2012

First place at Toronto Urban Photography Festival x Lomography Canada 2013

I:O - Koktebel Art Residence Exhibition 2013

International Photofilm Festival in Sevastopol 2013

I:O - Koktebel Art Residence September Second Edition Exhibition 2013

To inquire about purchasing a limited edition print, please contact or




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